POST /status

@todo: Explain that you can manually push statuses to the POST /status. The API will let you know what's required or not.

    "key": "ci-monitor-status-2",
    "title": "CIMonitor",
    "subTitle": "master",
    "state": "success",
    "image": "https://avatars2.githubusercontent.com/u/18479455?s=200&v=4",
    "userImage": "https://avatars3.githubusercontent.com/u/6495166?s=460&v=4"
key required? description
key yes A unique key for a status (if not unique the status will be overwritten)
title yes The title of the status. For example the project name
subTitle no A sub-title for the status. For example the branch
state yes Must be: info, warning, error, or success
image no An URL to an image representing the status
userImage no An URL to an image showing the user who triggered the status

DELETE /status/:status-key

@todo: Explain that you can remove statues using DELETE /status/:status-key

GET /status/clear-all

@todo: Explain that yo can remove all statuses using GET /status/clear-all

Trigger events and modules

POST /trigger/event

You can directly trigger an event (configured in the configuration) via POST /trigger/event.

    "event": "celebrate-success"
key required? description
event yes The configuration key that is used for the event that should be triggered

POST /trigger/module

You can directly trigger an module via POST /trigger/module. Note that the module must be initialized by enabling it in the CIMonitor configuration before you can trigger it.

    "name": "DashboardVideo",
    "push": {
        "youtubeKey": "ZTOIEz7p2KU",
        "startAt": 20,
        "duration": 20
key required? description
name yes The name of the initialized module you want to trigger
push yes The configuration you want to push to the module