Deployer is a deployment tool for PHP projects. CIMonitor can support updates from the deployments that are issued with this tool.


Setup deployer recipe

Documentation for setting up the deployer recipe can be found at


  • Install the third-party recipes package with composer
composer require deployer/recipes --dev
  • Include the recipe in your deploy.php
require 'recipe/cimonitor.php';

Minimal setup

For minimum setup, you need to set the host and endpoint of you CIMonitor server in your deploy.php. Deployer will send the updates to this location.

set('cimonitor_webhook', '');

To use the actual tasks, define them in your deploy.php

First define to send notification of a started deployment to CIMonitor with (optional):

before('deploy', 'cimonitor:notify');

Secondly define the updates on succes and failure of the deployment (recommended):

after('success', 'cimonitor:notify:success');
after('deploy:failed', 'cimonitor:notify:failure');


For advanced settings in your Deployer scripts, see